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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


St. Peter-in-Eastgate, Lincoln - Stained Glass Window Repairs & Window Protection


Dear Ian,

Following vandalism to the windows at St. Peter's, Lincoln, early in 2008, M.E. Stained Glass were invited to quote for the repair of a significant number of victorian and post Great War commemorative stained glass windows, along with repairs to some victorian leadfed light windows and the provision of powder coated, stainless steel window guards to most of the church windows.

MES responded in a timely manner with a competetive quote and were awarded the contract for the repairs. These were completed to an extremely high standard in a relatively short period of time with a high degree of craftmanship. So as to minimise the impact of the work, MES implemented a progressive programme of repairs with no noticeable impact on the activities of the church and this was very much appreciated by the PCC and the congregation.

The task for MES was not made easier by requirements placed upon them by the church insurer to ensure that scaffolding and ladders were not left in place, due to the significant risk of lead theft. The result of the work by MES is that the damaged windows are now fully restored and better protected, helping to preserve the memory of those parishioners who are commemorated by them. The PCC of St. Peter's are most grateful to Ian Freshney and MES for this outstanding work.

St. Peter in Eastgate PCC



 Hemsworth Methodist Church - Window Protection.


Dear Mr & Mrs Freshney,

I am writing on behalf of the Property Team at Hemsworth Methodist Church to express our satisafction with the mesh window guards which you have fitted to our stained glass window. Any doubts we may have had regarding their obtrusiveness were dispelled and we appreciated the efficient manner in which the work was carried out.

So far we have had no further damage due to vandalism!

Many thanks.


St. John the Baptist Church, East Markham, Notts - Stained Glass Window Repair & Restoration.


Dear Mr Freshney,

Thank you for your letter. I am still very pleased with the restoration work that you carried out following the vandalism which occured in September last year, and have had no adverse comments from other members of the congregation, so I am quite prepared to give you a recommendation for your website.

When it was found that someone had broken several sections of a stained glass window at St. John the Baptist Church we realised that the remaining sound area's of the window would require supporting quickly or more damage would be likely to occur. M.E. Stained Glass was contacted and very soon arrived, removed the damaged panel, supported the upper areas of the undamaged glazing and boared up the opening to protect the interior of the church from intruders and the weather.

Our insurers accepted the estimate for restoration, new pieces of glass were manufactured with only the aid of a colour photograph taken as part of the record of church property and fittings and the repaired window section is now indistinguisjable from the undamaged area.

Best Wishes,

St. John the Baptist PCC